Intrepid offers an Asthma Management Program that is dedicated to improving quality of life.  Our physician-led management team implements the patient’s individualized plan of care. The Intrepid Asthma Management Program provides industry-leading patient care and education for effective management of the disease.

Patient Treatment Goals

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack.
  • Prevent asthma attacks and most symptoms by adhering to an asthma care regimen.
  • Demonstrate proper use of a peak flow meter and understand what the peak flow reading means.
  • Understand the purpose and use of prescribed medications.
  • Sleep through the night without waking from asthma symptoms.
  • Have an active lifestyle, including regular exercise, without becoming symptomatic.

Physician Benefits

  • Increased monitoring of your patients to assure compliance with medication and other treatment goals.
  • Constant communication with your office that will allow for more detailed care planning.
  • More extensive patient education to help ensure that your care plan is being executed accurately at all times.
  • An approach to care that is built around positive outcomes and is based on thoroughness and attention to detail.

Patient Benefits

  • Knowledgeable staff who will train the patient how to use preventative tools and medication accurately.
  • Comprehensive Patient/Caregiver Teaching Guides to help the patient understand asthma and how to effectively treat it.
  • Concentration on returning the patient to normal, everyday functionality.
  • Avoidance of excessive discomfort, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations.
  • Availability of around-the-clock assistance.

Peace of Mind

  • “Best Practices” approach to care based on results.
  • Extensive, multi-faceted patient education process.
  • Home care expertise delivered in a manner that is adaptable in order to enhance and solidify your own approach.

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