Intrepid USA Healthcare Services offers a Hypertension Management Program dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Our physician-led, multidisciplinary hypertension management team implements the patient’s individualized plan of care.

The Intrepid Hypertension Management Program provides industry-leading patient care and education in preparation for post-discharge management of the disease.

Patient Treatment Goals

  • Maintain blood pressure at less than 140/90 mmHg or at a level ordered by the MD with lifestyle modifications, medications or both.
  • Demonstrates no symptoms of angina, palpitations, or vision changes.
  • Has stable BUN and serum creatinine levels.
  • Has palpable peripheral pulses.
  • Adheres to the dietary & exercise regimen as prescribed.
  • Takes medications as prescribed and reports any side effects.
  • Measures blood pressure routinely.
  • Abstains from tobacco and excessive alcohol intake.
  • No complications.

Physician Benefits

  • Security in knowing that your patients are receiving individualized, quality care that mirrors your attention to detail.
  • Assurance of timely communication of patient progress, tailored to your specific needs.
  • An easement of patient anxiety created by the repetition of care and education in the comfort of the patient’s home.
  • 24/7 on-call support to help alleviate the strain on your office’s resources.

Patient Benefits

  • Care plans tailored to the individual and his/her physician.
  • Knowledgeable Intrepid care team who can comfort the patient and allay their concerns.
  • Extensive Patient/Caregiver Teaching Guides to help the patient understand their treatments.
  • Success and excellence, the foundation of Intrepid’s care approach.

Peace of Mind

  • “Best Practices” approach to care.
  • Extensive, multi-faceted patient education process.
  • Home care expertise delivered in a manner that is adaptable in order to enhance and solidify your own approach.

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