IV Therapy Management, also known as infusion therapy, involves the administration of intravenous fluids and medications. Because of today’s technology, IV therapy can now be done in the comfort of your own home.

IV therapy is most often used for pain management, treatment of infections, chemotherapy and to manage other conditions. With our help, many people can have this important treatment at home instead of having to travel to a hospital or clinic.

The expert staff at Intrepid USA Healthcare Services is available to:

  • Perform infusion therapy: including fluids, antibiotics, steroids, lasix.
  • Administer and instruct patient/caregiver on IV therapy: including pump operations, administration & troubleshooting
  • Teach line flushing & maintenance including: dressing & cap changes.
  • Medication education to include drug indications, how & when to administer, & recognition of side effects & adverse reactions of medication.
  • Instruct aseptic technique & principles of infection control including: recognition of signs & symptoms of infection & when to notify the physician.

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