Do you take a long list of drugs to manage serious health problems? Or do you simply reach for an over-the-counter medication from time to time? Either way, there’s a lot you can do to make sure you get the most benefit from the medication — and stay safe in the process.

Medicines cure infectious diseases, prevent problems from chronic diseases, and alleviate pain and suffering for millions of Americans every day. But medicines can also cause harm. And what you don’t know CAN hurt you. The more you know about any medication you use, the better you can be sure you’re using it properly.  These medication safety tips are a good place to start.

  • Keep a list of your medicines
  • Keep up with any blood testing recommended by your doctor
  • Herbal and vitamin supplements and over-the-counter medications can affect certain medications. Always ask your doctor about supplements before taking them.
  • Read labels carefully and follow all instructions.
  • Refrigerate drugs that require it.
  • Never give a family member or friend a drug prescribed for another person.
  • Dispose of drugs in a sink or toilet. Never place drugs in the trash within reach of children.
  • Always finish a prescribed drug unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or nurse. Never save a drug for future illness.
  • Discard outdated medications.
  • Make sure labels are legible. Your pharmacist will redo your labels if you cannot read them.

Keep each drug in its original, labeled container.For more information please contact us online , or call 888-800-5311, a Intrepid USA representative will be happy to assist you.