Intrepid offers a Pneumonia Management Program dedicated to improving airway patency and promoting rest, fluid intake, nutrition, and education. Our physician-led, multidisciplinary pneumonia management team implements the patient’s individualized plan of care. The Intrepid Pneumonia Management Program provides industry-leading patient care and education in preparation for post-discharge management of the illness.

Patient Treatment Goals

  • Demonstrates improved airway patency
  • Rests and conserves energy
  • Maintains adequate hydration
  • Consumes adequate dietary intake
  • States explanation for management strategies
  • Complies with management strategies
  • Exhibits no complications
  • Complies with treatment protocol & prevention strategies

Physician Benefits

  • An Intrepid staff that displays the same level of precaution, foresight, and skill as your own staff
  • Extensive tracking, monitoring, and communication coordinated with you and your office to suit your needs
  • More thorough and multi-faceted patient education process
  • A conscientious Intrepid staff who provide attention to detail, comfort, and support
  • Reliance on Intrepid’s staff for home care to alleviate the strain on your resources

Patient Benefits

  • Personalized, detailed care plans in accordance with Physician’s orders
  • Knowledgeable care team who comfort the patient and allay his/her concerns
  • Easy-to-understand yet comprehensive Patient/Caregiver Teaching Guides
  • The availability of Intrepid’s staff for 24/7 on-call support

Peace of Mind

  • Intrepid’s “Best Practices” clinical pathways
  • Extensive and thorough patient education support
  • Security in knowing that your patients are receiving the best quality care available outside of your office

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