What is Intrepid Hospice at Home?

Hospice is a multidisciplinary service for people with a terminal diagnosis that have a prognosis of 6 months or less, if the disease runs its normal course.  As experts in pain and symptom management, we bring Individualized care that alleviates suffering and extends comfort.

We offer assistance not just to the patient, but to the family as well.  Our interdisciplinary team approach provides care and practical support to the patients and families we serve, with our main goal focused on the comfort of the patient and meeting their needs with respect and dignity.

Is Hospice Right For Me?

When medical treatments are no longer able to cure an illness, services that Intrepid Hospice provides may be needed. A patient may be eligible for benefits of our support services when the following criteria are met:

  • The patient is given a life-limiting prognosis with a life expectancy of 6 (six) months or less, if the illness runs its expected course.
  • The patient resides in our service area for providing care.
  • The patient/family desire palliative (comfort) care, rather than curative care.

Our Services Include

  • Professional Staff on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Physician directed plans of care
  • Psychological and spiritual care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Medications, equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness
  • Personal care and support
  • Volunteer services
  • Bereavement care for up to 13 months
  • Respite Care for caregiver support
  • Caring for Veterans (We Honor Veterans Partner)
  • Pet Therapy
  • Grief support groups
  • Memorial services

Why Choose Intrepid Hospice at Home?


We admit patients the same day within 3 hours of a referral, or at the preference of the patient/family. We listen to our patients’ stories and are committed to making this experience a positive memory.

ER Visits

“You go, we go”. We accompany our patients to the emergency room, when a visit is necessary. We establish a Plan of Care (POC) in collaboration with the facility to return our patients safely to wherever they call home.

Hospital to Home

Regular visits will be made to our hospital inpatients to coordinate safe and efficient discharge to their home, pre and post-admission.

Providing Comfort

We will support patients and family members, and provide pain and anxiety control at the time of death. We always send our Registered Nurse when a patient passes away.

Individualized Care Plans

Are developed within 48 hours to include services, schedules, and will be confirmed with each family.


An Intrepid Hospice employee strives to attend all funerals and honors the memory of our patients with memorial services.

After Hours Services

Calls to the answering service after hours, related to changes in patient status, will be managed with an immediate visit on the first call.
We do not manage patient care by phone.

Follow Up

The Branch Manager will call all new patients admitted at home within 72 business hours to introduce and discuss service expectations. A local representative will also follow up with facility patients to provide that same caring service.

Facility Care

Intrepid Hospice will hold a team to team meeting in all facilities with key personnel to coordinate care where we serve these patients. We will enhance the overall service given to these patients.

Intrepid Team

The clinical team, sales team and operations team work as one to be the face of Intrepid. We also work as one with our home care and private duty locations where applicable through our transitions program.

Nurse to Patient Ratio

Our focus is to provide the best nursing care we can to our patients on service and to do that our goal is to have one nurse for every 12 patients we’re caring for.

Bereavement Care

We offer bereavement care for up to 13 months.

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